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GFDA Early Career Workshop



Advance and On-Site Reading

Selected articles

Public History Honest Talk


Chapters from Aspiring Academics: A Resource Book for Graduate Students and Early Career Faculty (edited by Solem, Foote, and Monk)

Ch 1 Time Management
Ch 2 Career Planning – Personal Goals and Professional Contexts
Ch 3 Developing Collegial Relationships in a Department and a Disciplinee
Ch 4 Balancing Personal and Professional Lives
Ch 5 Succeeding at Tenure and Beyond
Ch 6 Designing Significant Learning Experiencess
Ch 7 Active Learning
Ch 8 Advising Students
Ch 9 Ethical Teaching in Practice
Ch 10 Teaching Diverse Students-Teaching for Inclusion
Ch 11 Preparing Competitive Research Grant Proposal
Ch 12 Private People Secret Places – Ethical Research in Practicee
Ch 13 Acadmic Publishing
Ch 14 Working Across Disciplinary Boundaries


Chapters from Teaching College Geography: A Practical Guide for Graduate Students and early Career Faculty (edited by Solem and Foote)

Ch 1 – Beginnings
Ch 2 – Rolling Up Your Sleeves

Ch 3 – Into the Lions Den
Ch 4 – Help with Grading

Ch 5 – Constructing a Feeback Questionnaire
Ch 6 – Responding to Student Feedback

Ch 7 – Access for All

Ch 8 – At Home in the Classroom

Ch 9 – GIS and Mapping Technologies
Ch 10 – Looking Beyond the Lecture

Ch 11 – Teaching in the Field
Ch 12 – Geography and Global Learning

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